Summary of Public Meeting Responses

A Public Meeting was held on the 4th of July 2017. Presentations were delivered by Guy Darragh (Rossendale Borough Council) and John Gatheral (Lancashire County Council). A total of 113 people attended the meeting. Here is a summary of the comments received.

Public Meeting 4th July 2017 Feedback


In December 2016 - January 2017, the Bacup THI project completed a consultation exercise on Public Realm proposals for St James Square. The draft plans were on display in Bacup Library and available on Bacup market. On the 3rd of December, the Bacup THI project held an open day in the A B and D centre as well as hosted a stand at the community Christmas light switch on and Councillor Surgeries at Bacup library. As part of on-going engagement with the community, the proposals have continually been on display in Bacup library, with a manned stand twice per week, where the Public have been invited to comment on the proposals. The THI project manager was also available at the Easter Market and Bacup job fair and the community were asked to make comments about the scheme.

4th July 2017 Public Meeting

A Public Meeting was held on the 4th July 2017 at The Corner Stone. Presentations were delivered by Guy Darragh (RBC) and John Gatheral (LCC). 113 people attended the event.

All attendees at the Public Meeting were issued with a comments sheet, 33 of these were completed and returned.

Summary of Responses

The following details the feedback from the responses:

Four people commented to say that they support the proposals but felt they were unable to speak at the meeting. Two people commented to say they are open to improving Bacup but felt that the plans might need tweaking.

Two people said they want Bacup to be left how it is. One person felt that the proposals are wasteful.

Zebra Crossings - Three people suggested that five zebra crossings will restrict traffic flow, whilst another agreed in principal with the zebra crossings but had concerns about the position of the Market Street crossing. One person had reservations about the Yorkshire Street and Burnley Road zebra Crossings. Another felt that there was not enough evidence about pedestrian safety to justify the amount of crossings. One person stated that five zebra crossings are ludicrous but did not explain why.  One person felt that the zebra crossings in driver’s blind spots would be dangerous. One person suggested that current zebra crossings should be painted again. Three people felt that pelican crossings would be more appropriate between the two roundabouts.

Fountain –Three people suggested that the fountain should be made into a roundabout. Another commented to say that the fountain had no historic importance. Three people suggested the fountain should stay in Bacup. Two people said that the fountain should be protected. Another person suggested that the roundabout should be made the core of the project.

HGVs – One person felt that the proposals are not suitable for large vehicles and HGVs. One person requested further tracking information.

Traffic Flow and Pollution- One person commented that traffic flow and pollution will be increased. Another requested further tracking information. One person felt that the proposals were too much in relation to traffic flow.

Roundabouts - One person felt that the roundabout at the Burnley Road junction could cause accidents. One person felt that only a T junction from Rawtenstall to Todmorden/Burnley is necessary whilst another suggested that the current junction should be tweaked as two roundabouts is excessive.

Empty Buildings - There were several requests for information on The Bingo Hall, Waterside Mill, The Woolworths building and the Old Conservative Club.

Cyclists - One person suggested that there needed to by cycle lanes within the plans

Consultation - Two people felt that the proposals had been signed off already and another felt that the consultation exercise wasn’t thorough.

Funding - one person suggested that the funding should be allocated elsewhere.

Toilets - Two people felt that Bacup should have self-cleaning toilets.

Parking restrictions - One person felt that there needs to be much more proposed parking. Another suggested that there are too many parking restrictions.

Loading - One person commented on the loading arrangements for the shops on Yorkshire Street, whilst another had concerns about loading for St James Square.

Larger Pavements - One person liked the idea of the larger pavements but felt uneasy about how the space could be used appropriately. Another liked the larger pavements but had reservations about loading for the businesses on St James Square. One person felt that the extended pavements could attract more anti-social behaviour.

Public Realm location - There was one suggestion that the focus of the Public Realm should be Irwell Terrace. Someone else commented to say that cobbles should be used instead of tarmac to make the area look better and slow down traffic.

Other feedback:

One person suggested there should be a multi-storey carpark in Bacup. Two people suggested that businesses rates should be reduced significantly to attract newcomers. Another suggested that the proposed pavements could cause flooding issues. One person made a comment about having a bypass to connect Rawtenstall to Bacup. One person suggested making Rochdale Road and New Line one way. There was a comment about the amount of takeaways in the town centre. Two suggested that there should be more flowers and benches. One person felt that the bus service needs to be improved. One person felt that CCTV needed to be better monitored in the town.

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