Bacup Public Realm Consultation Feedback

Bacup Public Realm Consultation was launched on 3 December 2016 and finished on 2 January 2017.  The draft plans for the public realm were displayed at Bacup Library and the Market.  Consultation activities included an open day, a presence at the Bacup Christmas Market and light switch on and surgeries in the Bacup Library.  The public were able to comment in writing, through the THI website and by email.

There have been 33 responses, with detailed reports from Colin Hubbard, Peter Nicholas Wood and the Rossendale Civic Trust, attached.

The following details the feedback from all responses:

7 people were happy with the THI works completed to date.

3 People like the traffic system as it is and do not want to see it changed.

8 people like the new proposals, especially the increased pedestrian crossings, which would improve safety and access.

9 people, mainly the businesses, were concerned about the loading and unloading for the shops as there is little or no access to the shops from the back of the properties. 

Congestion and pollution– with so many pedestrian crossings and 2 roundabout, cars would have to stop quite a number of times.  To come down Burnley Road and drive to St James Street onto Rochdale, there is a possibility of having to stop 7 times.  Roundabouts may become blocked with traffic. Coverdale Waste recycling unit has been granted permission for a further 60 lorries to carry waste.  This traffic moves through Bacup, down Yorkshire Street onto Market Street. 7 people mentioned the lorries specifically in their responses with concerns of increased traffic and congestion.

The fountain - 12 people would like to keep the fountain as it is, because of the heritage value, with 1 saying that it should be removed completely. 2 people have suggested that the fountain is made into a proper smaller roundabout, where you give access to the vehicle coming from the right. 1 person suggested moving the Maden fountain from Stubbylee Park back into Bacup town centre.

There are concerns about where the busses will stop if the stop on St James Square is removed and where the bus will turn to get access to St James Street bus stops.

4 people don’t like the extended footpaths saying that Café Culture is not appropriate in Bacup as the weather is not suitable plus the amount of traffic and smell from the waste lorries is unpleasant.

2 people were concerned about the materials and narrow roads not being compatible with the Bacup weather conditions.

3 people suggested 20 mph limit being enforced

2 people suggesting a one way system Using union Street, as well as traffic light crossings.  Other suggestions include.


Other suggestions for the project include; improved signage, Zebra crossing too far up Yorkshire Street, more trees needed, improvements to lighting and CCTV required, more thought on design rather than typical highway engineer with concerns about the materials to be used, infrastructure for events such as Christmas lights, Easter events etc., using Irwell terrace for events and not the square, increase parking, new toilets, that all the traffic from Burnley Road should turn left

 One person criticised the council for having the consultation period in December.

There has also been some feedback from Bethan Frost, Heritage Officer advising that there are historic flags remaining at the corner of Yorkshire Street, to the north of the library.  She would like these to be retained and repaired if possible.


Rossendale Civic Trust Response

Colin Hubbard Response

Peter Woods Response

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