As we enter Phase 2 delivery here is a list of frequently asked questions that we have recently been asked

Bacup THI Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We read in the paper that you have been successful in getting a grant of £2 million. Does this mean you are now ready to start the programme?

A. No there are various stages we still have to go through with the Heritage Lottery Fund in terms of agreeing spend schedules and delivery timetables. Once they are all resolved we will be issued a permission to start letter and the project can get going.

Q. Once you get your permission to start letter what happens next?

A. Once we get our permission to start we will be able to appoint our THI Programme Manager and begin work on delivering our Community Activity plan, Training plan, Public Realm Consultation and start scoping out and costing our Physical Works on site

Q. We heard you have already contracted out the Physical Works to an external contractor. Is this true?

A. No absolutely not. Our Joint Venture Partner (RTB Partnership) has been tasked to help us to develop our schedule of works for each of the buildings on our critical and priority list and to provide us with accurate costings. Once this work has been carried out we will be ready to tender the work to get main contractor(s) and specialist sub-contractors who will take this programme forward for us.

Q. How will you ensure that local sub-contractors and local labour will be able to get involved?

A. As part of the contract the main contractor(s) will be tasked with ensuring that this takes place. The main contractor(s) will organise a series of ‘Meet The Contractor’ days which local sub-contractors and local labour will be able to attend to find out more about what opportunities will be available within the programme and how they can get involved.

Q. What criteria will be used to assess tenders from contractors and sub-contractors?

Tenders will only be invited from contractors known to be able to achieve the high standard of conservation quality required. Contractor reference forms will be required from chosen contractors and their sub-contractors to demonstrate proven ability and experience on conservation projects. We will only invite tenders from contractors with a reputation for achieving the standards required and that can demonstrate their experience of working on conservation projects.

Q. I own a property in the THI Programme area. When will I be able to get a grant?

A. Assuming your property is on the Critical or Priority List your property will be surveyed and costed separately and we will contact you to let you know what grant will be available to you and what your contribution will be.

Q. Will each individual property have to be tendered for separately or will there be blocks done at a time?

A. The idea of working this through with our Joint Venture Partner is that we will be able to do blocks at a time rather than each property individually

Q. My property is currently empty will I be able to get a grant for internal works to bring it back into use?

A. Yes but only when the property is empty and not for occupied properties

Q. My property is on the Reserve List of properties. What does that mean?

A. Owners of properties on the Critical and Priority List will be given first chance in the offer to take up a grant. If they are not interested the offer will be withdrawn and we will move to the Reserve List.

Q. My property is in the THI Programme Area but is not on the Critical Priority or Reserve List. Will I still be able to get a grant if there is money available.

A. No the Heritage Lottery Fund have asked us to specify all the properties that we would envisage taking forward in advance and this has now been agreed as part of our funding application.

Q. How did you draw up your Critical Priority And Reserve list in the first place?

A. Each of the properties in the THI Programme Area were scored against strict criteria involving shop/retail/high street regeneration/conservation value. Those with low scores were not included in the Programme following advice from the Heritage Lottery Fund

Q. I am on the Priority List and am ready to go now. What’s the hold up?

A. As soon as your property has been surveyed we will be in touch to make you an offer

Q. Is this something the Council are doing without any consultation with people in Bacup?

A. No the THI Programme has been developed by a THI Partnership Board separate to the Council involving local businesses, local voluntary and community groups, local councillors, RBC officers and LCC  officers. It is chaired by a local councillor and serviced by the THI Programme Manager. As part of the THI Programme a series of community consultations have already taken place and further events are planned to engage local people and keep them informed.

Q. How long will the Programme last?

A. It is a 5 year programme

Q. Will it make any difference in Bacup?

A. Yes we hope that this project will kickstart regeneration in Bacup and lead to new businesses and ideas being attracted into the area.

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