Activity ideas gathered during Owd Bacup Week

Last week the Bacup Consortium organised ‘Owd Bacup Week’ as part of the Bacup Townscape Heritage Initiative bid. They ran numerous events and gathered lots of ideas for what activities the community would want to get involved with, as part of the Bacup THI.

Intro by guest blogger Ruud van Ruitenbeek

Last week the Bacup Consortium organised ‘Owd Bacup Week’ as part of the Bacup Townscape Heritage Initiative. The council and partners have been successful in getting through the first round of the process to get about £2,000,000 of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to refurbish buildings in historical towns that have experienced economic decline. The scheme would also run skills training, and activities for people in the local community. During the week, Bacup Consortium surveyed more than 100 local people.

Words by Rachel Fletcher:

Thank you to Ruud van Ruitenbeek for letting us use his blog words for our update.

As he said, Owd Bacup Week was a success and Bacup Consortium Trust (BCT) did an excellent job of organising and running the week.   Fun was had by many completing the Owd Bacup quiz and prizes have been posted out to the lucky winners. Bacup Nat was bustling with visitors on the Saturday morning event, and BCT volunteers toured the town centre to chat with folk.

Sam from BCT explained Friday’s Town Trail led by Arthur Baldwin was ‘really interesting, especially as [another well-known local historian] Kathy Fishwick joined in with some fascinating facts’. Kathy also delivered a super talk on Bacup’s connections to the rest of England; its isolated and peripheral position during the Middle Ages half in the parish of Whalley and half in Rochdale and its easy links during the Industrial revolution to Yorkshire (a mere hop over the Pennines!) and importance as a trade route.


The information BCT have gathered, including views on Bacup and ideas for activities that local people would like to see, will be used to create a plan of activity to be submitted with the bid. But it’s not too late to let us have your ideas – just email asap to with any suggestions!

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