Public Realm Improvements- What HLF will fund

The proposals to improve Bacup's highways and public spaces will be funded by the County and Borough Councils and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Heritage Lottery Fund has strict cirteria on what elements of the highways works are eligible for its investment, and also any related matched funding.

The Heritage Lottery Fund grant for this type of scheme reflects the extra costs that arise from carrying out the works to high conservation standards, using appropriate materials and techniques.

Eligible works include:

  • Historic street surfaces such as pavements;
  • Historic features such as walls or railings;
  • Removal of unsightly clutter and signage.

The Heritage Lottery Fund will not fund:

  • Routine maintenance;
  • Burying cables that are currently overhead;
  • Street furniture and street lighting;
  • Tree- planting or any form of soft landscaping.


The Partnership Board is investigating alternative sources of funding to assist with the delivery of some of these additional items as part of the ongoing masterplanning work.


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