What activities are going on?

Community Engagement: Improving the knowledge and appreciation of the unique history and built heritage of Bacup through providing a wide range of community activities and heritage construct skills training for local people, building owners, local construction professionals and trades-people, is key to the success of the THI.

For example this built heritage is characterised by coursed local stone, stone flagged roofs, prominent chimney stacks, traditional sash windows and distinctive weavers windows. It is important that local building owners and trades-people are aware of the techniques involved in restoring and repairing these features, and that local people are aware of their value, as their loss would have a significant effect on the character of Bacup.

You can get involved in the THI by joining one of our community activity events or heritage skills training courses held throughout each year of the project.

Please contact thi@bacup.org.uk if you are interested in any of the upcoming events or call the THI Project Officer on 01706 252477.

The History and Architecture of Bacup: A walk took place on the evening of Tuesday 19th June lead by local Historian and author Kathy Fishwick. The walk started on Lee Street and was attended by 10 individuals, some local and others visiting the area. Following a pre planned route, Kathy guided us through the years from Medieval times to the present day. The route looked at some of the examples of the beautiful architecture we have here in Bacup, the Pioneer building and the REAL building being just two examples. 


Street names, the routes of the original crossroads and the paths of the Irwell and Greave as they pass beneath our feet were brought to life.The walk was a great success and we are hoping to have another, similar walk towards the end of the Summer.

Mosaic & QR Trail: after an initial meeting back in April, the THI are pleased to be working with another local artist, Christine Worswick, of the Wooden Horse Arts Studio. Together the THI and Christine are delivering a hand made mosaic trail incorportating a QR code. After decideing on a route round the town centre, a number of buildings and features were choosen to be represented in mosaic form.

There is also a second part to this project and it involves the newly established Creative Writing Group. This is a group that began in February 2018 and is a small group formed of like minded people who have an interest in creative stories, songs and poetry. The idea of the group was help, support and encourage people in their wrtings and also as a plateform for them to share them. The group initally met once two weeks but after starting the project now meet weekely alternating between the Bacup Library and Bacup Natural History Society.

Black Smith Sessions: Three black smith sessions were delivered at Stubblylee Greenhouses at the start of June. These sessions were divided into three sessions over three seperate days. the first session, attended by 10 individuals and gave the attendees a potted history of black smiths, metallurgy, a working forge and also an opportunity to have a go at forging a piece of metal. The health and safty of black smithing and being able to make your own forge were also discussed. There is always a lot happening at the Stubbylee Greenhouses and the wider park. To find out more please click here.

The Irwell Tapestry: There have been a number of fantastic workshops delivered by local artist, Ruth Evans. Working with a diverse range of residents and locals to create a community Masterpiece. The workshops were designed and delivered according to the abilities of the group. To date we have worked with 2nd Rossendale Beavers and Cubs, Britannia Community Primary School, The Youth group at the Maden Centre and Weir Pride to name but a few. Currently, Ruth is working very hard to bring all of the fascinating artwork togther. Participants were encouraged to draw and stitch anytning that is important to them along the banks of the River Irwell from its source in Weir, through Bacup and on into Stacksteads.

Above are some swatches for the Tapestry created by Ruth.

Gravy wrestling on the Irwell Tapestry.

You can find out more about Ruth Evans on her website by clicking here.

The Lancashire Archives Tour: the Lancashire Archives tour set out to introduce attendees to the County Archives resource as well as demonstrating a pracitcal introduction to archiving and research methods. An additonal aim of the tour was to raise awareness of the Archives and engage with more people accessing them. This will have a positve effect in allowing residents and locals to learn more and engage with their history and culture.

By the end of the tour, attendees were secure in how to access the Archives and also the importance in maintaining them and keeping them for future generations.

A representative of the Archives giving a brief tour and an introduction into research methods. 

Attendees browsing through the Lancashire Archive resources.

Bacup Reminisce - Oral History: The memories day gave young people the opportunity to interview and engage with the older generation to find out about their shopping habits and how groceries and shopping habits have evolved over the years in Bacup. There are still a number of traditonal shops in Bacup, D&A Gregory & Sons, recently celebrated 50 years in business in March 2018. Conversation was evoked by using a range of different items in their original packaging from different eras.


The cubs asking questions about Bacup to older members of the community.